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Articles and yoga therapy for different health sumptoms


BY: Bita Bitajian, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Yoga therapist,ERYT-500, and life force yoga practitioner. OR

Tel: 450-671-8508 


This material is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. The document is meant to provide general information for educational purposes only. The information in this document is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call, consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. These are general recommendations in Ayurvedic yoga therapy to help alleviate your symptoms. It is advisable to consult with your health professional before embarking on any recommendations.




Ayurvedic view and therapy on lung and bronchial tube

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Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy

for Healthy and Balanced Digestion

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