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Ayuverdic Consultation


Ayurveda identifies a person's unique ideal state of balance(Prakriti), patterns of imbalance (vikriti). After this, balance and harmony are achieved by offering the best interventions regarding aromatherapy, diet, herbs, Pancha-karma, music, yoga, massage treatments, and meditation. During your Ayuverdic Consultation, we address all types of health concerns from an emotional, spiritual, and physical perspective. Through the Integration of theoretical frameworks, modern science, and Ayurveda, your session consultation session will focus on you as a unique individual with a health challenge.

During the evaluation, our Ayurvedic consultants will analyze your lifestyle and medical history and perform a physical evaluation of your body. This will reflect the choices and needs of your life. Based on this assessment, the consultant will formulate a personalized spirit/mind/body health-enhancing prescription. This prescription will include diet recommendations, exercise, stress management, emotional healing, herbal supplements, nutrition, and sensory modulation.

Follow-up Consultations

After the first long and detailed consultation, we advise our clients to schedule shorter follow-up sessions. These follow up sessions will help keep track of how well one adheres to the first recommendations and address any needs and adjustments. The follow-up consultation sessions will also develop a kind of accountability since our experts will mainly focus on how well you are sticking to the program, and what works best for you

Benefits of Ayuverdic Consultation Montreal

Our Ayurvedic Consultation services in Montreal will provide you with clear answers about your current health condition. You will also get precise indications, practical advice, and principles to adopt when it comes to diet & lifestyle habits. Since your habits correspond to your inner body functions, we will help you initiate an approach of living healthy without changing most of your habits. We will help you to balance your habits and the needs of your body progressively.

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