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Our  mission

Our  mission

Martha  Biwithi  :For over ten years, vata imbalances had wrecked havoc in my life. Mama Bita worked on me, removed what was not me, and left the perfect me. Within three months of starting treatment, I had a smile back on my face; andwithin 6 months, I had my life back on track again.  Within three months of starting treatment, I had a smile back on my face; andwithin 6 months, I had my life back on track again.  

 I could write about how knowledgeable she is about her work or the types of treatment I received from her, but there is a side of Mama Bita that impressed me very much.  She cared about my well-being and at the same time was very assertive about her recommendations. She followed up after every treatment and in her own words she would say, "e-mail me in two days time and tell me how you are feeling" or "give me an update on your progress every week".  That unusual care, alone, made me feel me comfortable about the whole process and it minimized the anxiety level to a near zero during the treatment. She answered all my e-mails and gave me extra advice outside of appointment time. Very few health practitioners have this rare quality.  I attribute my quick recovery partly due to the extra care I received from Mama Bita and that alone meant a lot to me. I will always cherish and use wisely the knowledge I acquired from her during the whole process. What was amazing about the whole process is that it took only six months for Mama Bita to bring me back to what I call my normal self after having suffered from debilitating vata imbalances for many years.  This may sound too good to be true-but it is true. Thank you Mama Bita.




Transformation Ayurvedic center is devoted to the promotion of healthy, balanced, and happier way of life for all. Our mission is to provide opportunities that facilitate and support growth in the multiple dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is a holistic approach that is blended with ayurvedic medicine, yoga, pranayama and meditation. The center is owned and run by certified ayurvedic practitioner and is exclusively dedicated to ayurvedic medicine and yoga as they have been side by side like two sister sciences for thousands of years promoting health and longevity for an individuals. The Centre promotes and encourages individuals to achieve their full potential and assists in the journey of life.


Transformation ayurvedic center is located in St – Lambert, near Victoria Bridge. Our center provides ayurvedic treatments and therapies, ayurvedic and therapeutic yoga by a certified ayurvedic practitioner specialised in ayurvedic medicine.

Mission Statement

-Empower individuals to achieve harmony in Mind, Body and Spirit.

 To assist individuals in their inner growth and inner peace through self acceptance and healing.

 To support individuals in their journey to self-realization understanding their   individual and personal needs.      

• To empower individuals to achieve harmony i 

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