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Ayurveda Montreal


Is your health and vitality not what it should be?


Do you have health problems or are looking to maintain or improve your general health and vitality? Are you looking for complimentary and alternative medical approaches that may be of help? If the answer to these questions are yes, it may well be time to discover Ayurveda and how Ayurveda Consultation and Ayurvedic Treatments can help you to maximize your health and well being.

The term Ayurveda is a fusion of two Sanskrit words, Ayu meaning 'Life,' and 'Veda,' meaning science. Ayurveda simply means the science of life. Ayurveda is an ancient medical science practice, which was introduced in India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda has evolved into an effective and trusted method for maintaining good health and managing illnesses.


Why Should I Look for an Ayurveda consultation?


Ayurveda treatment adopts a holistic approach when working with persons during ayurvedic consultations. The Ayurvedic consultation is focused in determining your personal/individual characteristics including body type ( doshas ), vitality and energy,  and your physical, mental and emotional health status to determine if there are aspects that are imbalanced. Ayurvedic treatments such as diet and lifestyle advice, different types of ayurvedic massage, Pancha Karma and seasonal cleanses, and ayurvedic herbal remedies appropriate for you may help you find the health and vitality you deserve.

Ayurvedic treatments are personalised and are adapted to each person based on your physical characteristics and health status.  That are also adapted to the different seasons to work in harmony with the nature in which we live. Persons who attend an Ayurvedic Consultation receive personalised advice and recommendations which is a key factor that determines the success of the ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatments and ayurvedic herbal remedies are an extensive to the health and lifestyle advice to treat your body, mind, and soul.

Ayurveda has evolved into a most effective and trusted method for maintaining or improving our health and vitality. At Transformation Ayurvedic center, we have helped thousands of persons to help them find better health and vitality in the Greater Montreal area.


Why does the Transformation Ayurvedic Center have the Best Ayurvedic practitioner near me?


Our Ayurveda Montreal expert, Bita, has been offering Ayurveda consultations and Ayurvedic treatment in the Greater Montreal area for more than 15 years. She was one of the first Ayurvedic practitioners in Montreal and in Canada. Bita has studied Ayurveda at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in Massachusetts, at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, and the Kerala Ayurvedic Academy in Kerala in India. Passionate about Ayurvedic Medicine she offers authentic Ayurvedic treatments. Since everyone is unique, the same prescription is not offered for everyone. Our Ayurveda Montreal services are made to measure and fit every patient's lifestyle and needs.

Contact us today for further details about our Ayurvedic services and booking an Ayurvedic Consultation. At Transformation Ayurvedic center, we have helped thousands of clients to improve their health and well-being providing Ayurvedic consultations, Ayurvedic treatments including different forms of Ayurvedic massage in the greater Montreal area. Transformation Ayurvedic Center is the Ayurveda Montreal center of excellence.  Where passion, knowledge, experience, compassion, and Ayurveda are the elixir to support your health and wellness.

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