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Nicole Bordeleau, Yoga Teacher, Author, Founder of Yoga Monde

Ayurveda, the science of life, is one of the most important tools to bring body and mind in harmony. Bita is one of the finest therapists as she brings to each consultation and treatment, her passion and her devotion for this discipline.


I have been practicing Yoga and Meditation for many years. I had the pleasure of taking training in mindfulness base stress reduction with Johan Kabit Zin. Meditation and Yoga where beneficial to help me live in the present moment and to help to create a more positive state of mind. My first experience with Ayurvedic medicine came during my ashtanga yoga teacher training with Mark Darby in 20002.  We had a meagre 15 hours on Ayurveda and its principles during the teacher training, but this was enough to motivate me to learn more. I was inspired by the fact that Ayurvedic Medicine was wholistic, involved natural diet and lifestyle changes with the seasons, each person’s individual characteristics and health issues. I had already been meditating for several years and had experienced the benefits of meditation.  

When I finished my yoga teacher training in Montreal, I travelled back to India in 2004.  I went to Mysore, India to practice with the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, Sri Pattabhi Jois. Since I was suffering with digestive and respiratory problems, I decided to consult an ayurvedic physician while in Mysore. I received pancha karma treatment, an ayurvedic cleanse and treatments to help restore my digestive and respiratory systems. After 3 weeks of Ayurvedic treatment I felt transformed.  It was as if layers of physical, and even emotional and mental issues which I had been carrying for many years had been unweighted from me. I truly felt liberated and rejuvenated which impacted my physical, mental, and emotional health! I was fascinated with the outcome and how this ancient natural medicine helped me to find myself. While in India, I walked into a tiny bookstore where I found hidden the Ayurvedic section, what would be my first book of many on Ayurveda, written by Dr. David Frawley. The book explained yoga for each body type. The information helped me understand more about my body and a deep seating understanding of many of the physical problems I had experienced. Dr. David Frawley’s book connected me to many other Ayurvedic books including those by Dr. Vasant Lad and Deepak Chopra.  

Having experienced such great benefits from my ayurvedic treatment and instilling ayurvedic diet and lifestyle practices into my life, I wanted to learn so much more about Ayurveda. I enrolled in the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in two programs, one to be an Ayurvedic Consultant and the second to be a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga specialist.  My time at Kripalu was a fabulous experience. The 2-year program were taught by Ayurvedic Physicians and experts from all over North America and India. Ayurvedic teachers such as Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Claudia Walsh, Dr. Sunil Joshi, Dr. Jay Aptye is only a few of the great and inspiring teachers who shared their knowledge and experiences with us. After completion of the training at Kripalu, I enrolled in post graduate training with Dr. Lad, in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I learned more about marma, pulse, and other integral aspects of Ayurveda. 

In 2018 and 2019 I travelled to India for further training at the Kerala Academic Academy and completed the second level specialising in digestion, vata management, and clinical studies. This is an ongoing learning experience, and I will continue to travel to Albuquerque and India to grow and expand my knowledge so that I be able to help all my clients that I hold so dearly close to me heart. I have been honoured to walk beside many people in this beautiful journey of ayurvedic healing since 2005 and it will be my pleasure continue to walk alongside not only those who share Ayurveda with me, but those people in turn who I get to share Ayurveda with also.

Meet Bita

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