Ayurvedic Therapies or Ayurvedic Chikitsa

​According to Ayurveda, all our diseases and sufferings are due to the disharmony and imbalance of the doshas. The Ayurvedic therapies’ main goal is to treat disorders, prevent diseases and rebalance the body doshas, dhatus, malas and mind gunas. Ayurvedic therapies eliminate toxins from the body, increase immunity and soothe the senses thereby enhancing general physical and mental well-being.​


In Ayurveda, the therapies are directed to:

• Balance the dosha into their natural state
• Increase the power of digestion (agni)
• Maintain proper elimination of wastes
• Enhance immunity
• Develop a spiritual temperament.​



Therapies (chikitsa) can be in various methods​

• Balancing diet

• Methods to increase the weight and strength of weak patients

• Reduce obesity
• Exercises such as ayur yoga therapies (meditation and pranayama, mudra and postures beneficial to the balancing of  the doshas),  as well as tai chi and chi-kong

• Internal cleansing (pancha karma or seasonal cleanse)
• Use of gems
• Herbal pastes and compresses
• Marma therapy
• Shirodhaahara balancing the nervous system
• Sweating (sweadana therapy)
• Massage
• Herbal medications


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