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Ayurvedic treatments Montreal

Ayurveda Offers You an Individualised Treatment

​​Through individualized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, medicinal herbs, yoga exercise and breathing techniques, cleanses, physical and energetic treatments, Ayurveda helps you to establish harmony in your body, mind and spirit.  The result, a healthier, happier and more vibrant you!​


For  Your Ayurvedic consultation call us:450-671-8508 OR 514-961-8508

Perfect Health and Ayurveda


Ayurveda is the system of health in harmony with the nature. Ayu” means life and “Veda” means knowledge. Having its roots in ancient India, it is both a system of medical knowledge as well as a comprehensive knowledge of life itself.​

​​According to Ayurveda our physical well being  not only reside in our body, mind and emotions but also is completely connected to the biological cycles of the nature, to the seasons, and the universe itself. Once we tune in with the nature that exist within us, we can stir the biological memory in every cell in our body to act in their collective best interest and helping us to achieve state of an excellent health, deep happiness with  longevity.

Ayurveda is About You Finding

Balance and Harmony

According to Ayurveda balance governs every function in our body, and that all diseases are the result of disruption of this balance and harmony within our body. Ayurveda emphasizes on structuring our invisible defence by creating inner balance and harmony as organised and governed by DNA.




Patricia Blache

When I met Bita, I was suffering from chronic lymphedema (water retention on both legs), serious digestive problems, chronic pain, severe fatigue and significant eczema on both palms.
I followed Bita's recommendations to improve my diet as well as how I ate. After eight weeks, there was already a great improvement in digestion, hands, pain and fatigue.Subsequently I did a detox treatment of the whole body with Ayurvedic massages, herbs and diet.
All this had an extraordinary impact on my health. It is the first time that I feel as well physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Contrary to my expectations my legs have decreased, my legs were less heavy, less pain to these. I can now walk freely and for longer than half an hour, which was the maximum time I could do.My eczema has improved a lot, one hand is healed and the other hand has little and it will go to the next detox. I highly recommend Bita for her expertise, passion, dedication, humanism and great generosity. 



 Joy is a return to the deep harmony

Of body, mind and spirit

That was yours at birth and that

Can be yours again.
That openness to love,
That capacity for wholeness
With the world around you,
Is still within you

Deepak Chopra

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